About us

Our services

We arrange and support the local subsidiaries with the process for license to sell, produce or import.
We carry out thorough product tests to ensure a superior quality of our products.
We operate with local presence and strong relationships with authorities and NGOs
We advise the authorities in defining the upcoming Nicotine Act**

Our key individuals have significant experience from several years in the nicotine pouches industry in Northern Europe and extensive network in Africa

Why work with us

We treat our customers like good friends.
We employ fair and transparent business practices with all.
We take the important steps together.
While NiqoCo’s specific achievements and awards may vary, our commitment to fair and transparent business practices, as well as our contributions to public health through tobacco harm reduction, have earned us recognition within the industry.

Core values

NiqoCo’s core values include transparency, fairness, inclusiveness, and a strong commitment to public health. We prioritize the well-being of our consumers and aim to create products that allow them to enjoy themselves without health concerns.

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