NiqoCo operates primarily in the tobacco harm reduction sector, specifically focusing on tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Our flagship product line, SKY AFRICA, offers an alternative to traditional tobacco products, contributing to public health efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

SKY AFRICA are on a mission to become the most preferred premium nicotine pouch brand in Sub Sahara. SKY AFRICA will remain a symbol of style and superior quality. We will never go out of style and constantly grow through consumer driven shopping experience.

The Product:

The pouch is made of a nonwoven paper filled with a blend of natural fiber, aromas and chemical nicotine. There are 20 pouches per can and each pouch has a net weight of 0.6 gr


Raw materials in the pouch: Nonwoven pouch paper, Fiber made of organic materials, Nicotine, Flavors and Water


Ingredient mixing: All ingredients are mixed in a sealed mixer. Samples are taken from three different places in the mixer to ensure that flour is properly blended.


Pouching: The mixer is connected to the pouch machine. The flour is automatically transported into the nonwoven paper and shaped into pouches. 20 – 24 pouches slide into a can and go through a scanning process to ensure that there are no unwanted particles in the pouches.


Packaging: The can goes from the scanner to get a top lid to seal the can.

  1. Top and side labels are put on the can.
  2. Product information labels are put on the bottom of the can.
  3. Cans of 5 or 10 are put in shrink film.
  4. Product ready for distribution

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