The company


At NiqoCo, we are dedicated to creating tasty nicotine products while upholding fair and transparent business practices. Our goal is to provide people with enjoyable experiences without compromising their health. We believe in fair play and ensuring that individuals can savor life’s small pleasures with a clear conscience.
Tobacco free nicotine pouches are relatively new on the African market, and we seek to contribute to public health thru tobacco harm reduction with our range of tobacco free nicotine pouches SKY AFRICA.

Who we are

At NiqoCo, our mission is rooted in creating enjoyable nicotine experiences that prioritize health and wellness. We are fully committed to ethical practices and transparency, focusing on tobacco harm reduction as a critical pathway to better public health. Our new product line SKY AFRICA, introduce tobacco-free nicotine pouches to the Sub-Saharan market, aiming to redefine nicotine consumption while reducing tobacco-related health risks.

The Swedish Experience

The risk of a man dying from a tobacco-related illness is less in Sweden than in any other European country, although tobacco consumption is on a comparable level with that of other countries in Europe. Researchers refer to this paradox as “the Swedish Experience”.

It is most likely that the Swedish Experience can be explained by the unique form of tobacco use among Swedish men, which largely takes the form of snus. Total tobacco consumption is about equal in comparable countries, but Swedish men smoke substantially less. The proportion of daily smokers is currently 10 percent among men, the lowest in Europe. To this must be added that 18 percent of men use snus. Thus, the use of snus among Swedish men is more common than smoking.

The positive effect of this phenomenon is a very low frequency of tobacco-related illnesses among Swedish men and low smoking-related mortality rates. This unique situation is documented in a large number of epidemiological studies, which, inter alia, note that Sweden shows the lowest risk of lung cancer among industrial countries. Although the use of snus is not without negative health effects, research results have shown that health risks are substantially lower for the use of snus compared with smoking.

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